Kasol to Sissu via Manali By Road

Kasol to Sissu via Manali by Road

Looking to Reach Sissu from Kasol after enjoying New Party, Then it’s going to be a very scenic journey with your loved ones, You’re going to love this Journey.

Before discussing about the route of How to Reach Sissu From Kasol, Let us know about the Sissu, Sissu is located in the “Lahaul and Spiti” District in Himachal Pradesh.

Sissu Valley is famous for its winters, when winters arrive here, the valley turns in a white blanket of snow Roads and trees covered in snow.

Driving on the snow is very enjoyable as well as risky, If you are coming sissu in your private car and you don’t have experience of driving in snow then it is going to be very risky hence it is advised to avoid it.

Note:- Carry at least 2 sets of Now chain Set for hassle-free driving.

Now Lets Discuss about The Route How to Reach Sissu From Kasol.

1-Start Drive to Bhuntar from Kasol

Kasol to Manali Distance is 75Kms and it take around 2 :00to 2:30 hrs its depends on driving, Now Pack your bags and start your journey from Kasol to Sissu via bhuntar, The route is very scenic covered with deodar trees both road sides.

Road are quite narrow keep it in you minds while driving, Just follow the river along side with road, Many Rest-houses are available on the way and local food stall as well.

Kasol to Sissu via Manali By Road

Planning By Map



2-Now Start Drive to Solang Vally from Manali

Manali to Solang valley distance is around 13Kms, Once you reach Manali don’t go inside Manali Mall Road, Drive straight to Solang Vally through the same road and drive carefully because to much rush you will get in route to¬† manali to solang valley as the Manali is very famous tourist destination among Honeymoon Couples, Youngesters etc also as base-camp for adventure seekers.

Kasol to Sissu via Manali By Road

Snow is Solang valley


Things To Do in solang Valley-

(I) Visit Solang Ropeway and Ski Center

Experience panoramic views as you ascend on the ropeway. In winter, the Ski Center offers an adrenaline-packed experience for snow sports enthusiasts.

(II) Paragliding Point

Soar like a bird over the valley with paragliding adventures. The thrill of flying amidst the mountains is an experience you won’t forget.

(III) Solang Valley Trek

For the trekkers  explore the captivating beauty of Solang Valley on foot. The trek offers stunning vistas and a closer connection to nature.

3-Start Drive to Atul tunnel from Solang Valley

Once you reach Solang valley take some rest enjoy valley views and eat some delicious “Pahado wali Maggie” and be hydreate drink some water to protect your body from de-hydration.

Solang valley to sissu total distance is around 30Kms and it is going to be a very beautiful road trip with your loved ones because you will see lots of snow everywhere and don’t forget to take selfies infront of Atul tunnel Because of this tunnel you are able to see the real beauty of “Lahaul and Spiti” Ghati.

Atul Tunnel Total Distance is 9.02 Km once you cross the tunnel you have reached in Sissu valley.

Note- Follow the guideline of Atul tunnels strictly.


Things to Keep in Mind-

1- Carry Warm clothes before entering in sissu because the weather condition is very hars in valley, Temperature keeps going in minus as days goes ends.

2- Book your Stay in advance because of the rush of tourist.

3- Keep your vehicle engine On if your engine is Diesel Engine.

4- Carry one extra Set of Snow chain and toolkit of your vehicle.

5- Keep Monitor your body’s oxygen level and drink water as mush as to avoid de-hydration.


Those who are looking to reach sissu from delhi click on the link to get the complete details-

How To Reach Sissu From Delhi & Things to Do in Sissu in 2023















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